Sunday, 7 February 2010

My calling in life

Boy, what a week it's been!

I realised my calling in life last night.

Since I was a little boy, I always knew that I would make my living out of using my talent for describing my subjective experience, whether it be in a written blog such as what you are reading now, or through the medium of song, such as that which i perform in the world of Drum & Bass, or in my new pop project.

'Subjective experiences' are those which are new to me or I am still trying to understand in my life, experiences which are going on for me, inside...

So when i write something, it will be about the world, the way I understand it.. when i write and sing songs.. they will be about the world, the way I understand it..

I will just keep on sharing with the world, whether anyone is listening or not, because i love to express myself and i think its important for me to make a record of what I go through or think on a daily basis..

Over a course of time, you will find me doing a lot more of this, describing my subjective experience through words & tone, both through written language and spoken.

In the meantime, i wish to thank all of you for the various parts you play or have played in my journey which has taken me to this point of realisation.

Take it easy y'all.
Darren Shaw(aka DVSMC)


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