Monday, 7 December 2009


By Darren Rollercoaster

Got to Indigo2 at midnight, it was the first I'd ever been in there for a Drum & Bass experience. As I passed through the multiple levels of security, I could hear the old school Jungle blaring out of the club, with every step I took, the music getting closer until finally I got inside...

When I entered, it took a second for my eyes to adjust to the amazing decor and Christmas themed lights which where blue and white, covering the stage and ceiling in a carefully placed theme of lit up Xmas trees and stars that hung from the ceiling and scattered across the stage.

MC moose was on at the time I entered. It felt as if I had time travelled as Dr S Gachet & Darren Jay played recognisable and unrecognisable Jungle tunes from way back when this amazing form of music ruled the day. MC Moose seemed to be right at home on the massive stage which was above us all.

Up next stepped Mickey Finn & Jumping Jack Frost. MC Moose carried on as Fearless hadn't yet arrived and Moose seemed to be having the time of his life

There was one moment where the music stopped working. And for about 10 mins the ravers were left standing, not sure what was going on, lights on, whilst Mickey Finn and the sound engineers tried to sort it out. The music suddenly came back on and the ravers exploded with excitement in a way I've never witnessed in my entire life, a moment I will never forget for the rest of my days.

Other DJ's that played were:

Randall: AMAZING SET!!! MC Fearless had landed by this time, "boom boom boom, boom selecta!"

Kenny Ken: First time I had ever heard him play live, AMAZINGLY JUNGLISTIC!! Stepping up to go back to back with Kenny was Nicky Blackmarket: Brought his unique and amazing energy to the room... The last DJ to join in the fun was Bryan Gee, who was also joined by the final MC of the night MC Shabba D.

All in all, it was a night of jungle where I did not stop dancing for 5hrs straight. I don't know what the smoking area looks like; as I didn't feel the need to go for a break from the experience... it was THAT amazing...

My final word, AWOL is sick, so go to the next one!



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