Saturday, 31 October 2009

God, what a day

Spent most of the day practising NLP application on myself. It's really fun when you discover a new technique which is clearly a useful way to create change in yourself, as it means that you develop more confidence in it's application, meaning you find it easier to create change in others.

Went to go John Audio at his Pre-Production studio in Brixton. Spoke about getting involved in a production project which he has a vision for. We recorded a song where there theme is all about our take on the concept of love and relationships. His girlfriend 'K' is an amazing pianist and engineer, we got lots n lots done and recorded.

Left the studio and went to link Angela my ravermate, to go to a rave at the Hidden Nightclub in Vauxhall. It was a night called Creation, only got to hear Brockie's DJ set.

Left Hidden at 3am, handed out some flyers. went to Fabriclive in Farringdon. Saw Ophelie & Aviva

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