Sunday, 5 July 2009

A night out on the town, with Nicky Blackmarket

On Saturday the 4th of July 2009, i went on a UK wide road trip with the one and only Nicky Blackmarket. We went to 4 gigs around the UK and by the end of it, i was tired and hurt. I think i now appreciate and love Drum & Bass more than ever.. if thats even possible..

I want to big up the special people i met along my journey. Including the promoters, ravers, other MC's and DJ's that make up the English Drum & Bass scene. Big shout out to Grace from Croydon's rave, MC Mekar & Bomber, Concrete & Barrington of Warning, Dr S Gachet, Zoe Long of Creation, MC Trigga, Brian of BK promotions, Jonny Kash, Grant Epidemik, the dancers at Dance Island.. especially the one called Jo! Big Up Kirsty, Charlie & Stuat. Big Up Katie!! All the Croydon and Surrey Massive. All of your are heavy!

We went to Ely, in Cambridgeshire.

I went on stage and MC'ed for about 15mins, then came off.

I thought the dancers were a cool look, Jonny Kash was on the stage working the crowd as Ray Keith n Blackmarket work the music from behind the decks.

From left to right, Zoe Long, Ian, Barrington, Dr S Gachet & Concrete.

The festival was followed by a gig in Croydon, where i helped Nicky to work the crowd, accompanied by MC Bomber and MC Mekar who showed up a bit later on. I forgot to bring the camera in for this bit, so i have no pictures!!

We left the club and then zinged very fast up to Nottingham, then finally up to Birmingham.

When we arrived in Birmingham, MC Trigga & DJ Hazard were up on stage. Hazard was playing some siiiick dubs.. i've never heard him play like that before. In fact, i'd never been to Brum before!!
At 5.15am, Trigga & crew left me on the stage and i got on with showing Birmingham what Brixton MC's have to offer. The Birmingham crowd is the toughest, so i was loving the fact that i had them dancing and shit while i was on. I don't have any pics of that moment yet, as i forgot to get someone to take them for me!! Ah well .. next time huh!?!

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