Monday, 25 January 2010

Wrote a new song today..

The way that we met it was so crazy, we locked eyes and you looked so hot to me
traffic blocking, hot like chilli, beautiful eyes which drove me crazy.

When we started talking and started linking,
it got me started, got me thinking,
what’s the chance of me ever holding..

Your face, your charm, your wit, your style, everything about you made me smile, you said that you had dreams to attain, we spoke every day, it weren’t no game.

Got to finish it, but it fits neatly.. if you say it in your best ragga voice!

My pop act is still in development phase, but we're moving fast. We have mixed and mastered 4 songs and will finish 2 before the week is up.

I'm still teaching myself how to make my own website. you can check out how far i've got by going to feel free to give feedback!


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