Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Wrote a song today..

Verse 1..
Why worry, why wonder, why make that trek
Even though nothings happened you're breaking a sweat
Thinking bout some outcome that you might not get
Thinking that life has got you in a net
Things on your mind that are giving you stress
And loads of situations that you've got to address
You want loads more and won't take nothing less
Co you know you're worth more and you only want the best

Chorus x2
Don't worry about life, just live it
Don't worry about nothing, just give it
Don't worry about hating, just love itCos we only got one life, and nothings real

Verse 2
When you've got a problem and you start to feel lost
Whether it's money or your girlfriend or your really rude boss
You can choose to let it go and make a new choice
And start to pay attention to your inner voice
A problem is a problem if you see it as one
So just chillout, relax and try to have fun
Life is a journey and it's only just begun
Lets rave together right now, together as one

Chorus x2

Verse 3
Sometimes it feels like you just don't know what to do
And it seems like there's no path to help you get through
You start to realize and you begin to stress
That there's a massive situation and you're got to address
A brand new issue that's gotten hold of your life
Casuing you such pain and way too much strife
The pain it's hard and it's a madd feeling,
So just close your eyes and begin to sing

Chorus x2, this time with a smile!!!!!


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