Monday, 25 January 2010

Wrote a new song today..

The way that we met it was so crazy, we locked eyes and you looked so hot to me
traffic blocking, hot like chilli, beautiful eyes which drove me crazy.

When we started talking and started linking,
it got me started, got me thinking,
what’s the chance of me ever holding..

Your face, your charm, your wit, your style, everything about you made me smile, you said that you had dreams to attain, we spoke every day, it weren’t no game.

Got to finish it, but it fits neatly.. if you say it in your best ragga voice!

My pop act is still in development phase, but we're moving fast. We have mixed and mastered 4 songs and will finish 2 before the week is up.

I'm still teaching myself how to make my own website. you can check out how far i've got by going to feel free to give feedback!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Another day in the studio

Yesterday was a cool day. Woke up extra early.. like at 8am!! grrrr

Went to Brixton for 1pm to meet with the singer in my pop act, we had some work to do in preparation for the campaign plan we're about to launch. We did that till 4.20pm.

Went to Brixton Vodafone store and collected some leaflets to hand out at the tube station.. I kinda enjoy flyering, so thought I'd help the store out and promote the launch of the Iphone on the Vodafone network, which is happening today.

Went back up to the studio and met with the singer, the rapper and we conference called the producer to discuss promo plans and stuff.

After all business was dealt with, i got drunk on some kinda full bodied red wine and crazy high on some broccoli :-)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Back to being an apprentice

Woke up real early today, at 8am.. yes that IS EARLY FOR ME!

Had to help my pop rig up a PA & DJ system for a funeral after party at a community hall. Wasn’t too bad, I got fed with lovely Jamaican cuisine, ended in a slice of carrot cake, followed by a slice of chocolate cake.

The funeral ended early because all the deceased’s family and friends left early. All they kept asking about was the woman’s will!

The party ended early, so me and my dad went back to his and played with the sound system for hours, wiring up amplifiers and speakers and mixing lots of old Reggae music and stuff.

If there’s one thing I learned today, it’s the importance of spending quality time with those who mean the most. Tags: ,,


Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year(2010)

Wow, what year it was in 2009! Explosive attitudes blowing up throughout the year due to the effects of the recession distracting most people from their desired agendas. Everyone has been affected by the so called 'Credit crunch' in some way huh?!!!?!

Ho hum, I spent my Christmas holidays in solitude for the most part, teaching myself new skills and focusing my mind on that which i consider important. I taught myself how to make websites, 2 of which include and . Both of which were still in development at the time of writing.

I've got plans to create more humours videos for my online followers, taking advantage of a small buzz which i created around myself for the latter part of 2009.


As the year has just begun, I've set myself a few goals to live the year by. Goals which will guide my hand and words throughout the duration of 2010 in a manner which I've never before tried.

  1. Create an artist album. Have a 10 track album ready for selling to the pop charts! Have this done by September 2010
  2. Place more importance on seeing my family more. Esp. My mom and pop. Got to see more of them and be there for them without self sacrifice. An ongoing objective this shall be
  3. Deepen my understanding of coaching psychology. Double my current bookshelf and get at least 2 certificates in the field of coaching or human understanding. Have this done by October 2010
  4. Improve relationships with those who I have come to know within the context of the rave scene. By the end of Summer(August) be able to count 3,000 facebook friends who interact with me on a regular basis.
  5. Improve my understanding of website design! Have a site which serves as an online merchant so that i can sell my services as a coach and/or vocalist. Have my 2 websites finished by March 2010.
All of these I wish to achieve through having the most amount of fun as I go, singing and dancing all the way.

NB. For any of you who are interested, the process by which I've set my goals and know that they are committed to, is one which may be familiar to those of you who are aware of objective setting within a corporate context.

All of my goals have been set in a SMART & PURE© way

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timebound

  • Positive
  • U've own part
  • Resourses
  • Emotion!

This model has served me rather well, if I set goals, it is just one of the many models out there which is a good way of structuring future outcomes and stuff!

Take it easy all, catch you next week!