Tuesday, 28 July 2009

spent today planning my path to success

Spent the day working out how i am gtoing to run the training sessions where i teach people how to be motivated and stuff.

Looking to teach people how to plan and implement projects.

Watch this space!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

MCing at Hidden

Went raving at Hidden Nightclub in Vauxhall last Saturday. was a good night out. ended up MCing in room2 as Fatman D wanted to leave and he asked if i would do the honours!

Whilst i was MCing, IC3 came in and joined me for a short while on the mic, before vanishing off into the sunset and ducking out.

Had the raving support of a nice ravergirl called Carly, who raved it up for most, if not all of my set in there. The event was banging!

After i came off, i realised that room 1 was still banging, so went in there and joined MC Kombo and DJ Ruffstuff


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I got kicked off Facebook!

Yea, you heard right, i got kicked off facebook on Monday the 13th of July.

Why i hear you ask?

Well, Facebook has a policy of not allowing you to send too many emails to its users, as they dont want you spamming everyone all the time, which is understandable and cool. I always work within that law.

On Monday, i had to cancel 5 events at the same time as Nsomnia Nightlub is being shutdown. So when i cancelled these events, it sent notifications to all attendees and maybe attendees.. which is classed as spamming..

For this reason, i have been removed from facebook!!! wow!

Deep huh? And fucked up at the same time.. i've lost everything.. pictures, videos, friends lists, everything!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Another night down at club Nsomnia and another bunch of lovely people enjoying Drum & Bass with full on Rollercoaster vibes.

I had to do a DJ set as we were a DJ short, thanks to DNK for bringing along his records to back me up for a back to back session on the decks.

Up next was Lazee KD who came down with Laura & Drama, all the way from Chatham to support the cause. Big up to you guys.

Was really pleased to see Carni show up with her
mate Eve, We got a picture together! Hey

Sunday, 5 July 2009

A night out on the town, with Nicky Blackmarket

On Saturday the 4th of July 2009, i went on a UK wide road trip with the one and only Nicky Blackmarket. We went to 4 gigs around the UK and by the end of it, i was tired and hurt. I think i now appreciate and love Drum & Bass more than ever.. if thats even possible..

I want to big up the special people i met along my journey. Including the promoters, ravers, other MC's and DJ's that make up the English Drum & Bass scene. Big shout out to Grace from Croydon's rave, MC Mekar & Bomber, Concrete & Barrington of Warning, Dr S Gachet, Zoe Long of Creation, MC Trigga, Brian of BK promotions, Jonny Kash, Grant Epidemik, the dancers at Dance Island.. especially the one called Jo! Big Up Kirsty, Charlie & Stuat. Big Up Katie!! All the Croydon and Surrey Massive. All of your are heavy!

We went to Ely, in Cambridgeshire.

I went on stage and MC'ed for about 15mins, then came off.

I thought the dancers were a cool look, Jonny Kash was on the stage working the crowd as Ray Keith n Blackmarket work the music from behind the decks.

From left to right, Zoe Long, Ian, Barrington, Dr S Gachet & Concrete.

The festival was followed by a gig in Croydon, where i helped Nicky to work the crowd, accompanied by MC Bomber and MC Mekar who showed up a bit later on. I forgot to bring the camera in for this bit, so i have no pictures!!

We left the club and then zinged very fast up to Nottingham, then finally up to Birmingham.

When we arrived in Birmingham, MC Trigga & DJ Hazard were up on stage. Hazard was playing some siiiick dubs.. i've never heard him play like that before. In fact, i'd never been to Brum before!!
At 5.15am, Trigga & crew left me on the stage and i got on with showing Birmingham what Brixton MC's have to offer. The Birmingham crowd is the toughest, so i was loving the fact that i had them dancing and shit while i was on. I don't have any pics of that moment yet, as i forgot to get someone to take them for me!! Ah well .. next time huh!?!

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