Thursday, 15 July 2010

Damn.. things have changed aint they?

In this new age where the government has returned to the ways of the old right-wing political arena dominated by the Conservative policies which so many young adults are either not used to, or simply do not remember, few things are clear;

· Saving is more important than ever before

· Investing in companies which have growth potential is worth learning about.

· Spending money on survival should be key and above all else

· No one should be aware of your true worth, as it’s survival of the fittest

The current government supports new enterprise, so the arena of business is one in which one should invest time into understanding more about. It is important to create a service/product which serves the needs of a community with some spending power, which at the moment seems to be young adults who don’t feel as if they have any responsibility unto themselves or others around them.


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