Sunday, 9 May 2010

My review of MC Shabba D's birthday party :-)

Originallly, I had planned to get to the Scala for about 10.30pm with a mate of mine who said that he was coming along with a few of his mates who hadn't been out to a Drum & Bass rave for a long time. So i went to go and meet them in Brixton as arranged and we sat down for a bit to have a chat about the old days and how sick Shabba's birthday would be, before the door knocks loudly and urgently.. It's one of the other guys that is meant to be coming to the rave.. he has a desperate emergency.. the guy he was trying to score a draw from let him down and he had to go to some far place to get an 1/8, as the only stuff available in South London that he knew off, was crap and he would rather go to West London to collect.. so because of this logic, he aint going to no Drum N Bass rave.. AND he want's my mate to come with him too.. So next thing I know.. no one wants to bloody go to Scala.. and I make my excuses and leave.. f*** that

Anyway, i digress, I made my way to Kings Cross, thinking that it's gonna be ok cos i know lots of randoms and associates from Facebook that are going anyway, so it'll be a laugh.. as I'm on my way.. one person messages me and says she aint going cos her mates have flopped her(grr).. and another person says she aint going cos she has been in a nasty accident and hurt her neck.. (get well soon Nikki Casey) and another person can't come cos her mates don't wanna go to the rave and are convincing her to go to a squat party instead.. even though8 she KNOWS it's gonna be sick at Scala.. so it's looking bleak at this point..

I get to Scala, slip inside, rush to the main arena cos I've already missed enough of the night and i wanna see what's going on..

As i enter the main arena, i see that scala is more packed than it has ever been before, a sea of bodies bouncing like crazy filling up every corner of the dancefloor, as the 'dynamic duo' Eksman and Herbsie are going on siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccck on the stage.. alongside MC Fatman D.. it was mental.. the music was sick.. it was Logan D b2b Pleasure.. so pure heavyweight dubs was getting dropped and the crowd was going mental!

I swam through the crowd and made my way to the middle of the dancefloor where i could hide and be another bobbing head in the crowd, the vibes were sick, the people around me where furiuosly bouncng and ducking and diving to the manic beats and hectic basslines. so i just joined in and ting..

That set was drawing to a close, i so i figured I would go in search of familiar faces in the club, so i got out of the main arena and headed toward the smoking area where i know a lot of people spend their nights hanging out. After scanning the smoking area for a bit, i found a raver that i've known for years, goes by the name of DJ Star1.. have never known his real name.. and his mate that was with him.. spoke to them for a bit.. and we were accosted by two girls.. who were using their girly charms to con the guys out of their cigerettes and spliffs.. i thought it was interesting, so i leaned over to one girl and mentioned that her technique was good and if she kept up the act, then she'd be successful in what she was trying to achieve.. however, i suggested that it would class as a failure if she couldn't get the spliff out of one guys hand and into hers.. she failed the test..

Went back to the main arena and saw Shabba D on the stage.. then Skibba joined him.. and they announced that they were going to do a classic SAS set, dropping all of their original bars and lyrics.. it was the sickest ting i'd seen them do together in years.. tehy went on sick, spitting each others lyrics, rolling it out together luike the old odays, driving the crowd mental as fuuuuuuck!

Whilst they did their set, you could see Harry Shotta, Stormin & Yardie, waiting in the wings dancing on the stage all with smiles on their facess, deeply on the birthday vibe. Again, I repeat, Shabba & Skibba were sick.. sick sick sick sick.. whole crowd singing along and going nuts..

After about 20-30mins.. it went up another level, as Shotta Stepped in and brought the Uncz vibe to the show, then Stormin entered with Yardie and it was now Higher Lever & Uncz in unison, celebrating Shabba's birthday.. in the sickest way.. bars bars bars.. Shotta was going on proper sick and ting.. then who do i see slide onto the stage, MC Funsta.. yay! Funsta came on the mic with a 'Eurgh eurgh!' and it was all over!! Reeeeeload!! Then skiba came back in.. and it was now Skiba, Funsta, Yardie, Stormin, Shotta, Shabba all on rotation going on siiiiiiiick!

Next thing i know, Trigga & Bassman step in! It's shadoooooooooow!!!!!! A likkle darker! everyone is going nuts, the MC's step back and leave it dark, very dark.. then Sly is on the decks! Oh my days.. Sly's tunes was sick.. can't say anything more than sick.. cos this whole ting was very very sick..

MC Nutcracker, Ragga Twins, CoGee, MC Det all got in on the act as time went on.. it was all one big blur cos it was all just moving along neatly and sickly.. and i didn't leave the dancefloor.. cos it was sick!

Nicky Blackmarket b2b Profile was another sick set, Shabba D & Skibadee came back on again, nasty nasty sick sick sick!

A DJ came on called Coalminer I think? MC Shaydee came on for some of dat, Trigga came back on for dat for a bit and Nutcracker and CoGee and M-Tek of the RTC crew stepped in for some of that... siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

Last set of teh night.. was DJ Spice.. he went on sick.. bare dubs.. bare heavyweight tunage.. sick sick sick... Shabba & Skibadee owned the last hour of the night.. they came with 'new tings, new tings, all about the new tings', sicknesss... Shabba D made everyone go nuts at one point, cos the dancefloor turned into a mosh pit, with guys who didn't know each other, get into a push push shove, lets have fun kinda ting.. dunno how the hell i ended up in the middle of some o dat.. then loadsa girls got involved and it was the maddest most fun mosh pit in a rave i'd ever seen, hee heee!

One guy got thrown out the rave for smoking a cigarette.. pissed..

I one guy laugh so hardthat he spat a mouthful of beer over some poor girls backless top... eurgh eurgh!!

All in all.. if you haven't pick it up already.. the night was sick...

Big Up Jess B.. lovely to see you again, massive shouts to Sarah M, Sema on her birthday weekend, Rachel B, MC Dealy and crew, all the MC's and DJ's and stuff and massive insults to the sound engineer, be more on it matey.

Have i mentioned.. the night was sick, rammed, heavy, loud.. and if you like dnb and didn't go.. then.. ahem.. You’re pissed.. go to the next one innit.. July 3rd 2010.


ps. If you is a magazine and ting and you want to use my writing, i will sue you for a million dollars if you don't contact me and agree on some big fat deal that makes sense to both of us, so don't mess.. (if you is a drum n bass raver.. den you can use my words anyhow you like :-)   )


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