Sunday, 26 September 2010

Just another night on the town..

Ok, so I'm chilling at my father place.. out in this place called Northampton.. and two of my new friends that I've made of late, call and ask if i wanna go for a walk around town and see what there is to see. I quickly get ready, change my Facebook status and put my phone on charge, before meeting them outside and going for a lovely walk. It was raining at the timer.. but not in a horrid way.. it was like.. misty.. and it was slightly cold.. but not too cutting.. anyway.. so we're walking around, looking at the sights of the town centre at like 11pm..and its like a ghost town.. cos there is like.. no-one around..

As we walk along the silent streets we come upon a bar/pub venue which looks quite decent, so we head inside and they are having an open mic type night, with 2 MC's on the mic doing their thing.

I grab a drink and head up to the roof terrace to chill out and cotch with me mates under heated lamps at these really cool seats that were so comfortable that i could literally feel myself sinking into the comfortable experience that I was having in all my months of Northampton visits.. just because of the softness of this chair can you imagine that!

So while I'm cotching, the music that is playing is mainly UK Garage tunes that i recognise.. like Lady Dynamite, Bodygroove, Heartless crew and stuff like that from when I was younger still, it brought me even deeper into how good this felt in the softness of the chair as i happily sung along to the music whilst the heatlamps kept me warm and niiice

All of a sudden.. I hear a familiar sound.. it was the sound of the brazilian intro of 'Shake your Body' By Shy Fx.. the Drum & Bass hit that stormed the charts back in the year 2001 or thereabouts..

I shot out of my chair as if i had been hit by a lightening bolt.. spun around and exclaimed at my amigos that i shall return in a matter of minutes.. as there is no way that i'm going to miss the opportunity to tell the person playing the music that I love Drum & Bass and if he could see it in his heart to lay some more Drumo & Bass, that he would make a fellow human extreemely happy.. happier than i already was at this stage becoming and beginning to feel..

The guy said:

'Its a I Pod with random tunes.. I think there is some more Drum & Bass on here.. you can have a look through if you like"

So clunkily attempt to work this piece of technology that i had never had my hands on before and work out to the best of my ability how to get to the folders which contain the music.

What do i see?

A folder named 'Sub Focus'..

I come alive and swiftly suggest that after the Shake You Body tune is over.. that he uses 'Rock It'

The microphone was passed to me, so that I could have a go over this tune that i have chosen...

My first to words were 'get up now'

Within 60 seconds, the promoter, sound engineer and all persons in the building were jumping around and having fun and raving as if it were One Nation at the Brixton Academy..

I left there having had my fun. I'm home now. off to sleep, before I wake up and get on with my day, it's lovely here in Northampton.. See you tomorrow!


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